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SoundCloud: Linen, 7 July 2004

Now available on the AZsessions SoundCloud:

Linen, 7 July 2004 - we recently asked our Facebook fans what their favorite sets from the archives are, and this comment stuck out:

"Linen. The one that opens with the aphex twin and works its way to 'you spin me right round'. That boy is gold!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Enjoy the mash-up and thanks for listening.
airport girl

Welcome back and new post from emmfour

I've taken control of and resurrected this community. For now, I plan to use it to provide updates on AZsessions activity.

As I've written in the new community bio, AZsessions has joined Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud. You can find links in the bio on the profile page azsessions or in the journal's sidebar.

Our latest content download is a great set from emmfour on 25 Nov 2005. I gave it a listen and he's really hit all the killer tracks. A must-listen!

There have been some live streams of AZsessions DJs on Intense Radio, although they are sporadic and no longer weekly. I'll try to post here when I hear one is upcoming.

Welcome back to AZsessions (and LiveJournal)!
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